Evaluation of Quality of Health Service in Primary Health Care Centers / Case Study in Family Medicine Centers in Baghdad


Abstract :The aim of this research is to identify the level of health services provided in the health centers operating in the family medicine system in Baghdad, and to determine the extent to which these health centers are applied to the internationally recognized standards , "Defining the quality of service gap between health care centers operating in the family medicine system and the standards adopted by the corresponding international centers (Al-Shabab Model Family Medicine Center, Al-Jahad Family Health Center, Al-Adhamiya Family Health Center, Al-Zawiya Family Health Center), and in view of what our health institutions are facing. The family of primary health care centers has difficulties, obstacles and challenges such as the difficulty of receiving service in some health institutions due to the lack of sufficient number of doctors in the field of family medicine or the presence of momentum for patients in most centers as well as the weakness of the procedures in a complete and systematic manner, The quality of the health service provided and the method of case study was adopted as a method of research, where the reality of the health service in the health centers was diagnosed through the field visits and the documents, records and interviews that were conducted. (Axis of the patient, ease of access, safety axis, the focus of effective clinical practice, the center of efficiency, the center of appropriate resources), A range of statistical methods were used including (mean, standard deviation, T Test, Gap Measurement, standard diviation S.D) , The extent of the application of the axes for each center was identified , The extent of the application of the examination list axes was also compared between the four centers and the most applied and least applied axes , This researchers reached a number of important conclusions about the quality of health service in Health care centers , The most important recommendations made by the research are the need to work by the competent authorities to reduce the size of gaps resulting through raising the quality of health service in the health centers working The family medicine system and the interest in providing medicines and equipment and supplies and supervision of the work of the departments and the activation of control.