The effect of an educational program using small games on the development of certain physical variablesAnd skill at kindergarten


The research aims to Achtjarmjmuah small games to develop a specific kinetic capabilities and some basic movements of children aged 4-5 years, as well as "all know the impact of these games, was conducted this research in the period from 01.02.2016 till 05.03.2016 and on a sample from kindergarten stronghold of the year (2015-2016) and aged (4-5 years) and numbered (24) children ", has been divided into two equal groups, one pilot worked for small games and other officer worked-style practice, and each group consisted of 12 children" after making processes of uniformity and equality, as appropriate Akhttiaralachtbarat physical and skill set by the researcher with an exploratory experience miniature on a number of which (6) children from outside the sample basic research, with the use of tools and aids in the search were Ajraalachtbarat tribal groups and then apply small games within Altahlmyhalbalghaddha units (8) units in the period of eight weeks and it was the time of each Hdhho (45) minutes, then held the post tests, and then manipulate search results using appropriate statistical methods results, the researcher came Asttajat a number of the most important was that the small games program has a positive effect statistically significant the basic walking motor skills - running - jump - throwing - Altntit - kicking for the children of kindergarten., as well as the differences between tribal tests and a posteriori significantly emerged among members of the control group that underwent the approach followed for kindergarten, and in Duhzh conclusions researcher recommended the need to use gaming software small as it has a positive effect on the basic motor skills of children develop pre-school as well as the development of small games program as a way to kindergarten for the development of basic skills motor and the need for different tools and devices kindergartens and necessary motor activity because of their effective impact on the basic motor skills development .