((The Mediator Role of Self Management on the RelationShip Between Work Stresses and Organizational Alienation))


Abstract The study aims to test the relationship of work pressure to its dimensions (role conflict, ambiguity of role, workload and nature of work) as an independent variable and its effect on organizational alienation by its dimensions (disability, lack of power, indifference, animosity, social isolation and self-alienation) (Restraint and confidence in negation, initiative, adaptation and living conscience) as a mediator variable, in some faculties of Baghdad University of Science (Medicine and Engineering) and Humanity (Education and Literature). The data was collected on the practical side, which was applied randomly (306) of the teachers and teachers of the colleges (56) items, which included the main research variables and their subdivisions. The data were analyzed using a number of statistical methods suitable for the research as well as conducting interviews as an auxiliary tool. In the data collection, the main conclusions of the research reached through the practical side is the feeling of the sample of research work pressures and organizational alienation at the level of some dimensions, and that the pressures of work affect the alienation of organizational dimensions (directly and indirectly), but the impact Indirect through self-centered self-centered The researcher came out with a number of recommendations, the most important of which is the importance of the research variables, especially the pressures of work and the organizational alienation of the effects and the development of appropriate coping strategies, and understanding the importance of self-management and its sub-dimensions on the research variables and the sample and what it carries Psychological).