The physical intelligence of the motor and its relation to the performance of some offensive skills handball


The research included the largestanding ofphysical-motor intelligence which isone ofthe importanttypes ofintelligencesin physical educationthat came in thetheory of multiple intelligenceswhich requiresthe use ofthe bodyorparts of itto solve problemsandthe ability to usemental abilitiesto coordinate themovements of the bodyanddo some workincludesphysicalskillssuch as coordination, handball considered as diverseskillsand changingattitudes game, needa methoddepends on thementalcapacityto learn theskillsandcapabilitiesof thisintelligentphysical-motor, and because we don’t know much about the abilities and skills of students in this kind of intelligence whereknowingthe degree of physical-motor intelligencehas a big roleit is possibleto have arelationshiporimportancein the learningprocessand the development oflearners'So the research aimed to identify the degree of intelligencephysical-motor and the relationshipbetween him and theperformance of someoffensiveskills of Handball, and also included assumptionsand humanfield who are the students of second stage at physical education and sport science college for women/ Baghdad University for the period from 25/4/2015 to 1/6/2015 and the measurement of (Khawla Ahmed 2006) was chosen of physical-motor intelligence, the fourth door included showing and discussing the results, the researcher concluded that the samplehave highlyintelligentbodily-kinesthetic good, and has a positiverelationship withthe performance ofsomeoffensiveskills, and recommendationsto emphasize thephysical-kinetic intelligenceduring theperformance ofsome of the skillsand the need toconduct researchon theskillsinother sports.