(Design and rationing specialized test to measure Mtaulp speed in terms of the effectiveness of the enzyme CPK and LDH and blood pH players boxing)


The research importance of finding a new evaluation process is consistent with the nature and character of this game with the aid of some medical techniques and statistical procedures that would have reached on the precise objective results that enable workers in the field of training in line with the possibility of players to get to their best levels.The research problem in the study of this case, as is through the design and technical specialist testing laboratory for measuring recipe Mtaulp speed of the players, boxing, according to the variables enzyme CPK and the LDH and acidic blood PH and the development of standards and Mahkat that enables trainers and workers in the field to assess the status and give them scientific and logical basis on which Adopt in the legalization of training programs to raise the level.The objective of this research to design and legalization of specialized tests to measure recipe Mtaulp speed in terms of enzymatic CPK and the LDH and acidic blood PH players boxing, as well as creating standards (grades and standard levels) testing specialist to measure the recipe Mtaulp speed of the players boxing.The research represents the human sphere my players Boxing applicants in the province of Basra, and determine the temporal sphere period from 31/07/2015 until 06/05/2016, either spatial area was south Sports Club in the province of Basra - and pathological laboratory analyzes. Either field research methodology and procedures, the researchers used the descriptive approach in a way scanning and connectivity relations. The research sample has reached 40 players representing (7) clubs of the province of Basra players Boxing applicants where this number is a percentage of (72.7%) of the original research community and adult (55) player. This chapter also included the tools and equipment used and the means of information gathering and testing of the proposed experiments and exploratory and main research. The most important conclusions related to research encompassing the following: - Design and legalization of the test to measure the speed Mtaulp terms of CPK and LDH enzymatic and pH of the blood PH players boxing.2. Find the standard grades and levels for testing and is considered as an indicator to measure the physical performance of the players and serve as objective evidence to evaluate players by comparing the individual within the group to which he belongs.3. afternoon that there is variation and difference between respondents in their access to standard grades and different levels and rates and this shows the validity of the test is designed to measure for him through excellence among individuals and knowledge of individual differences and the state of adjustment for each player.