Effect Of Talent Management To Achieve Organizational sac seed Research in The General Company for Dairy Products in Baghdad


AbstractThe research aims at identifying the extent to which the top management in the organization is interested in managing the talents of its employees, through which it can face the competing organizations, as well as the great challenges faced by all organizations in recent years. The task of attracting and maintaining talented human resources is one of the biggest challenges facing Organizations of all kinds, through which success and progress can be achieved in organizations, and that any success cannot be achieved without attention to human resources, and despite the importance of talent management, we find that the organization investigated (the public company For dairy products in Baghdad) and other organizations do not attach sufficient importance to the Department and to its talented individuals.The aim of this study is to identify the relationship between the interest in talent management and the achievement of organizational success through the two main hypotheses that were formulated for this purpose. The first is the existence of a significant positive correlation between the dimensions of talent management and organizational success. Variables. In order to achieve the objectives of the research, a questionnaire was adopted which included (27) paragraphs to collect the preliminary data from the sample of the research consisting of (49) people (20) of the administrative and (29) people of the company employees and relying on personal interviews and field visits to collect data as well as Books and scientific references in libraries. All the questionnaires were subjected to statistical analysis using the SPSS program and based on a number of statistical methods to deal with those data. The statistical results recorded that all correlation relationships were significant, indicating that the company in question pays attention to the outstanding talents of the employees and thus succeeds in During the course of which the research presented a number of proposals, the most important of which is the emphasis on the continuous development of staff in line with the developments in the same field, as well as the administration's adoption of the foundations and programs related to the success of the company and the disclosure of the employees to work with them, Assign the right place in the company to the potential for success and progress of the company under consideration