Relationship Functionality rapid attack in handball


The research includes five doors, the door was first pointed out the importance of research and problem centered in that most coaches focus on performance skills nor are giving importance to functional variables, including the functional efficiency, which directly affect the performance skills. The study aimed to identify the level of functional efficiency and rapid attack, and to identify the relationship between them in a sample search The second section has touched on some theoretical aspects of explaining them briefly.Researchers has been used in Part III: the descriptive approach, and the research sample represented my players training center for handball in Basra's (15) for the player. I have been using some of the physiological tests to determine the level of functional competence of the research sample. After extracting the results using statistical methods, the researcher concluded:1. The results showed a strong correlation between physical efficiency and rapid attack hand reel and this is caused due to the evolution of the functional efficiency of the devices as a result of training, and this is reflected in the overwhelming transmission performance.2. The physiologic functional efficiency is important and necessary to the players training center for handball in Basra .The researcher recommended1. Paying attention to the development of physical training efficiency programs. 2. Find More studies of other physiological variables.3. The fast attack is necessary to develop the handball player because it significantly contributes to the win.