Impact of evaluation of investment projects in achieving competitive strategy


Abstract: - The aim of the research is to determine the impact of evaluation of investment projects after the preparation of investment budgets taking into consideration within the investment budgets the concept of competitive strategy, as the harmony between the preparation of investment budgets and competitive strategy will contribute to the success of economic unity and achieve profits well and achieve a competitive advantage. Strategies for economic units because the most important factor to them is the costs produced and the progress of the research problem is focused on "Is it possible to include a strategy of competition, especially within the investment budget when prepared The study concluded that the investment plan prepared by the two companies has not yet been evaluated and that there is an increase in the actual costs. This is explained by the results. The reason for this is because of the lack of actual production volume and exaggeration in the estimated production volume planned. Feasibility study, and the study proved that there is the possibility of including the strategy of reducing costs within the investment budget and thus can achieve economic unity competitive advantage. Through the conclusions recommends that the researcher to the competent cadres in the economic units to re-evaluate the investment project After the implementation to find out the extent of success achieved and the extent of deficiencies and errors in order to prepare feasibility studies in a good manner and avoid past mistakes in the future, and the need to evaluate the investment budget after implementation, especially if the assessment is in line with the strategy of economic unity, especially if this strategy is to reduce costs .