Determine the numerical indicators for some physical tests according to the variable pulse


The athletics sports affected by the elements of fitness all of which are based on the types of sports are all even or games at all, and given the importance of the tests and standards in all sporting events researcher found that it is necessary to determine the grades and standard levels for some physical tests not Rakda 800 meters south of the area and from here the importance of research lies through tests designed to mimic the concept of the real level of the rest of the player standing on the physical level and thus the possibility of evaluation and then to work on its development. The research problem is that tests and measuring their own, as the researchers did not address the design of tests for this event and it has been found that the researcher this problem worthy of study to add tests within which to assess the level of performance of the players and field. The aim of the thesis is to design tests to assess the fitness level of the variables of pulse and respiration influence effort Aoxgeni not Aoxgeni players track and field middle in the southern region of the distances. The researcher used the descriptive survey manner and included the procedures used in the design of tests and codified in detail The researcher presented and the analysis and discussion of the results and get the grades and levels of standard and which are limited to five standard levels. The researcher concluded that the levels of standard and special grades of standard tests designed tables.