The Impact of the Principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) on Engagement employees A Survey Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Workers in Kirkuk Cement Factory


The aim of the research is to provide an integrated framework for the principles of Total Quality Management and to work on measuring the basic dimensions available at Kirkuk Cement Factory (supporting senior management, continuous improvement, participation of employees) in achieving the exploitation of workers in Kirkuk Cement Factory. The results of the study were based on the questionnaire as a main tool for data collection. The statistical analysis was conducted by (SPSS.V19) The research found that there is a correlation and impact of the principles of TQM in employment. In the light of the conclusions, a number of proposals were presented, the most important of which is the increasing interest of the laboratory management in establishing the principles of TQM and working towards achieving the principle of continuous improvement better than It is now.