The linguistic value of AL- SAJJAD paper


This paper deals with the simulation of the paper for the use of the Koran in the style and accuracy of the choice of words and methods, making them eligible and valid for the interpretation and protest the words and methods. It is in the top rank of eloquence , because it was composed by the Imam, AL-SAJJAD student of the Koran and the descendant of prophecy, who lived in the era of eloquence. The style of advocacy and guidance in the paper is a Koranic style. With the difference between the two texts, as the Koran is issued from top to bottom while the newspaper is issued from the lowest to the top.Since the paper is issued from the lowest to the top and embodies addressing the counterpart in a sublicatory style in which the default is attributed to the self. Peace be upon him, employs the potential of language using a pattern of formulas in each text to show the discipline and reverence with God. In order to maintain music and harmony with the feelings of the human recipient. He , peace be upon him , kept away from using heavy formulas on hearing, or multi-letter words.