Effect of Aging on Corrosion Behavior of Martensite Phase in Cu-Al-Be Shape Memory Alloy


The corrosion behavior of martensite phase in Cu-Al-Be shape memory alloy with aging at 150℃ at time 2,4and 6 hour and quenching icewater with salt, water at room temperature and oilmedia study by open circuit potential, tafalpolarization and cyclic polarization. Themicrostructure of martensite study by opticalmicroscope and x-ray diffraction(XRD) andtransformation temperature was determined byDifferential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC).theresult show aging martensite at 150℃ at 2 and 4hour have high open circuit potential, lowcorrosion current density, high corrosionpotential and pitting potential than martensitewithout aging.