Energy resources and their future in the African continent in the light of international political and economic challenges.


The research tackled the strategic importance of the African continent and the continent's important natural resources along with the new wealth of oil, which made the African continent in the field of fierce international competition to secure these resources due to the internal challenges and difficulties experienced by most of the countries of the region, And the lack of political stability that has made the African continent a turbulent security environment, as the nature given to some countries by the grace of resources may become a curse and a plague on countries or the region. As well as to explain the reasons for the increase of international and regional attention to this continent, in particular, within the geographical importance, strategic and economic of the continent, which is one of the promising areas of oil production, as well as other mineral resources: gold, diamonds ... etc, which is rich in the region, : The security of the Red Sea, which tops the list of the world's seas because of its inherent natural and mineral resources, and piracy, which constitute the greatest threat to maritime security, helped to impose guardianship and external intervention from other countries in the African continent. The study concluded that the importance of the strategic bases underlying the international strategy towards the countries of this continent has increased in the era of globalization and political and economic developments, as well as changing the international visions regarding the crises and conflicts experienced by the continent and its understanding of the importance of focusing on the political and military entrance.