Synthesis and Fabrication of In2O3: CdO Nanoparticles for NO2 Gas Sensor


The physical and morphological characteristics of porous silicon (PS) synthesized via gas sensor was assessed by electrochemical etching for a Si wafer in diluted HF acid in water (1:4) at different etching times and different currents. The morphology for PS wafers by AFM show that the average pore diameter varies from 48.63 to 72.54 nm with increasing etching time from 5 to 15min and from 72.54 to 51.37nm with increasing current from 10 to 30 mA. From the study, it was found that the gas sensitivity of In2O3: CdO semiconductor, against NO2 gas, directly correlated to the nanoparticles size, and its sensitivity increases with increasing operating temperature.