Test The Influence of Empowerment Employees on Motivation: Empirical Study


Higher education is one of the important and important sectors in the process of development and development through its scientific, theoretical and technological contributions, as it includes human resources that contribute to the development of capacities. Therefore, the employees in this sector are one of the sources through which to expand in various fields of science and theory and expansion in the field of technology. The employees in this sector play a major role in the promotion process. In this study, two basic variables were chosen: empowerment of employees and motivation because they have a significant role and a significant impact on workers. The main objective of this study was to measure the relationship and effect of empowerment of employee to motivation. A random sample was taken from the College of Israa University where the data was collected through the questionnaire, which is a major source of data collection in this study. The data were analyzed using the structural Equations modeling (SEM) through Program AMOS version (23). The results showed that there is a strong correlation between employee empowerment and motivation, and results show that empowerment of employees to affect motivation.