Social Reading of Saudi women situations in Banat Al- Ryadh of Rajaa Al – Saane


The identification of social, cultural themes, on base of social point of view can show us the real pictures of the time the writer of the novel live in. In this paper, we try to consider the various layers in Banat Ryadh (Riadh's Daughters), the novel of Rajaa AlSaane. The famous writer of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in Banat Ryadh, with realistic view, was manifested the abnormal situation of his generation in KSA.The writer's multilateral acquaintance of district and area, the creation of strong language and descriptions, the lovely and touchable personalities, the direct and attractiveness narration, the real and belivable representation of cultural,opinions and troubles of the people, the honesly pictures of traditionalism, are the important social factors in this novel. Raja AlSaane in this novel, with symbolic language, criticized the social and cultural condition of the women in KSA.She has described the women spiritual crisis and their interior paradoxes and contradictions