Design of Oil Pipeline Monitoring System based on Wireless Sensor Network


The oil export industry dominates the economy of the world and itdepends heavily on oil pipelines. Exposed pipelines are prone to malfunctioningdue to intentional or unintentional tampering and vandalism, which is usuallycaused by damaging form of either knocking or drilling. Continuous structurehealth monitoring (SHM) of pipelines using conventional methods is difficultand expensive due to the extensive length of the pipelines and the harshenvironment. Recent development in printed electronic circuits andmicrocontrollers open new possibilities in the field of monitoring and haveproven their practicality in vibration monitoring process. This paper presents amonitoring system for pipeline heal of the structure based on the wirelesssensor network. The system senses the pipeline vibration and relays the data toa base station for the procession. A WSN consists of three nodes is designed andimplemented. Each node is built around 32-bit ARM core microcontroller, andequipped with an accelerometer to measure the pipeline vibration. Themeasurements of each sensor are collected wirelessly through ZigBee protocolto a base station. Results on a 2 m pipeline sample show the ability of thesystem to precisely detect damaging events e.g. knocking and drilling to thepipeline.