Text File Hiding Randomly Using Secret Sharing Scheme


Exchange of information through the channels of communication can beunsafe. Communication media are not safe to send sensitive information so it isnecessary to provide the protection of information from disclosure to unauthorizedpersons. This research presented the method to information security is donethrough information hiding into the cover image using a least significant bit (LSB)technique, where a text file is encrypted using a secret sharing scheme. Then,generating positions to hiding information in a random manner of cover image,which is difficult to predict hiding in the image-by-image analysis or statisticalanalyzes. Where it provides two levels of information security through encryptionof a text file using the secret sharing and the generating random positions of hiding.This method has been in hiding a text file and recovered without loss ofinformation, as well as not noticing any deformation of the image. Where it washiding a text file size of 20 KB in image cover (250x250) pixels, the result of MSEis 0.696 and PSNR is 49.211.