Theoretical Study of comparative between the speed of penetration and cutting using a laser beam


This research is devoted to study the effect of a laser beampower TEA-CO2 , Nd- YAG laser, and thermal properties of the materialswhen it is constant once and varying another once with the time on thepenetration and cutting speeds. It is concluded that the processes ofpenetration and cutting by using laser Nd-YAG is the best comparativewith using of laser TEA-CO2, penetration speeds when (P = P0, C = C0,and ρ = ρ0) by using laser Nd-YAG greater than penetration speeds byusing of laser TEA-CO2 by 15.5 approximately while penetration speedswhen (P = P(t), C = C0, and ρ = ρ0) by using laser Nd-YAG greater thanpenetration speeds by using of laser TEA-CO2 by 8.519 approximately. Inaddition, the temperature of the evaporation of material plays animportant role in the processes of penetration and cutting and whenevertemperature of the evaporation of material less the cutting andpenetration speeds are greater. (MATLAB 8) program was implementedfor all simulation processes are related.