Antioxidant activity of Linalool


In recent years, Essential oils from their various aromatic plants hadbeen reported to be used in treating of many types of cancer due to their antitumoractivity. In addition, numerous studies had investigated the highest capability ofchemopreventive phytochemicals compound to act as anticancer drugs. In thepresent research, the antioxidant activity of Linalool on free radicals compoundswas studied. The Antioxidant activity was performed using two methods, DPPHand Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Scavenging Capacity. The DPPH scavengingactivity demonstrated that Linalool had antioxidant activity comparing withascorbic acid. Linalool demonstrated moderate antioxidant activity with50.57471% compared with ascorbic acid that showed 86%. Meanwhile, H2O2scavenging capacity methods investigated that Linalool exhibited moderatescavenging activity 56.36% comparing with ascorbic acid that showed 65%. Theresults of this study investigated that the Linalool can be used as easily accessiblesource of natural antioxidants. It can able to be used in the treating several typesof cancers as a result of antioxidant activity of it.