Experimental Investigation of a New Modified Catalysts (WO3/Si-Zr) and (Si-Zr) for the Process of Aerosol Nanocatalysts by FCC of Residual Vacuum Distillation


This work aims at comparing between the a new modified catalyst WO3/Si-Zr and catalyst Si-Zr to obtain gasoline and diesel fraction , The new theory of aerosol nanocatalysts technology was used in the cracking of gas oil by vacuum accompanied by the vibration of the layer of the catalyst system . The one of aim of the present work is to reduce the emissions of atmosphere polluting gases such as (H2S and CO) .It is observed that this process is achieved at lower temperature compared to that conducted by industrial cracking process at 250 Co , and lower amount of catalyst concentration in the reactor 2.38 (gm/m3). This technique revealed that the selectivity of light products formation for the WO3 /Si-Zr catalyst is higher than that with the Si-Zr catalyst at the new technology conditions.