Classroom Management faced by the math teachers of the preparatory Schools


The current research aims to identify the problems with classroom management school math middle school through the verification of the following two hypotheses:1. There is no classroom management problems facing teachers in middle school mathematics . 2.There is no difference is statistically significant at the level of significance (0.50) in the classroom management problems due to the length of service (less than 5 years) and (5 years or more). The limited research on teachers of mathematics middle school day in the Directorate-General for Education Baghdad's Karkh / 2 for the academic year 2016-2017m, and get the results have been statistically processing the data using the weighted average used to know the severity of the problem and its significance, weight percentile used to extract the severity of the problem and its significance, and Chi-square used to know statistical significance depending on the variable length of service (less than 5 years ") and (5 years and more).The findings from the study that the number of problems with this questionnaire in the first top half (14) problem ranged degrees of strength of the educational problems between the upper limit amid a weighted (429.4) and the lowest central casting (304.3), and also showed no statistically significant differences between the responses of differences according to the variable service teachers in most of the problems but three problems where there are significant differences between the responses of teachers, according to the variable of service, and for the benefit of teachers with the service (5 years or more), and in the light of the findings of the researcher from the results of a number of recommendations and proposals viable for research and study.