The Impact of Learning English on Students’ Psychological and Sociological Behvior


Learners usually use their culture, first language, environment, background and personal experiences, among others to learn a second language. This study aims at bringing into attention the influence of learning English as a foreign language on learners’ psychological and sociological behavior. Studies have proven that people who speak many languages have the ability to show differences in their personalities depending on the environment, like age and gender for example. Most job advertisements specify that the need multilingual full control of many languages. It is very important for learners who are studying English in a non-English speaking setting to experience real communicative situations in which they will learn how to express their own views and opinions. In addition, they must also improve their speaking skill which is the most essential for the success of foreign language communication. This study shows whether learning a new language changes the person in different terms or not. It has been shown that during learning a foreign language, learners can feel the difference in their actions, thinking, responses and the way they behave. Kara (2009) stated that positive attitude leads to the exhibition of positive behavior toward studying, and striving to learn more. Such students are also observed to show more enthusiasm to solve problems, to acquire what is useful for daily life, and to engage themselves emotionally. In order to achieve the above aim, a questionnaire is conducted to third year students at Al Mustansiryia University, College of Basic Education, English Department. Also a number of students were interviewed in order to obtain as reliable and authentic data as possible The analysis of the student's questionnaire and the interviews show that learners are really starting to observe the impact of learning a new language such as English in the case of this research paper, on their characteristics, personalities and the way of thinking. The study demonstrates how learning English helps the students to improve their abilities to exchange information and knowledge. This requires them to use the language fluently, by doing so their self-confidence is increased and elevated to higher levels and satisfy their academic needs.Examining learners’ personalities is regarded as an important factor to enhance learner’s abilities to acquire language. For that reason, It is recommended to create an encouraging atmosphere in the English classes to help the students’ positive attitudes toward English . Accordingly, it is advisable to plan English curriculum and class activities according to students’ needs, behaviors and feelings. Similarly students must be inspired by their teachers so they can acquire positive attitudes toward learning English