Motivation towards working with physical education teachers and sports sciences in Baghdad governorate universities according to years of experience


The research included four sections, including the first section, which provided the importance of motivation in the field of educational psychology and its importance in various fields as well as its relation to the years of news, which has a direct impact on the relationship. And the second part of the methodology used by the researcher chose the descriptive approach in the manner of interrelationship to fit the sample of the research. The sample of the study was from the teachers of physical education and sports sciences for girls as well as in the University of Baghdad and Mustansiriya and their selection section in the way The researcher used the tools and methods of collecting information to suit her research. The researcher adopted a measure of motivation towards work prepared by Abdul Hadi for 2000/2001. It consists of four axes. The pilot experiment conducted by the researcher to identify the negatives and obstacles that she has approved included 10 school teachers. Distributed the questionnaire to the sample and the researcher conducted the scientific foundations and included in the stability, honesty and objectivity to verify the main results conducted by the researcher on the sample by the distribution of the questionnaire mentioned to them either statistical means used the researcher the mean arithmetic deviation The standard torsion coefficient .The third part represented the presentation and discussion of the results after the researcher conducted the statistical data processing. The result was that whenever the school had years of experience above or below (10) had a motivation towards work and the fourth section the researcher concluded positive motivation for the experienced teachers (10) (10) Finally, the researcher recommended encouraging teachers using the system of reinforcement and rewards, as well as providing all the necessary supplies