The Millitary and Suppression Ways and Plans of Charel Degoul to Eliminate the Révolution ‘ Chall and Moress’s Mistake as a Model’


The French colonialism did many military operations where he committed the most hideous crimes and the greatest violations. These operations were practised just after the governance of general de Gaulle in 1958 and the nomination of general Challe as general army commander of the French military forces in Algeria. He presented military plans to abort the Algerian revolution by launching a military operation in the whole country. This operation depends on searching information, prosecuting the elements of the national liberation army and controlling the inhabitants. He also settled a program to be executed by more than 600 thousands soldiers among them parachutists, infantry and others reinforced with equipments. During this period, Algeria lived its darkest days and it was jailed between the two death lines of ” Morice and Challe”.