Assigning the attribute to the description of the verses of torment in the Holy Quran


The designation of the attribute as described in the verses of torment in the Holy Quran.Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon Muhammad. the Secretary and his family and companions, and after The abstract presented an introduction that showed the importance of research and the reasons for it, and followed it to prepare and stood on it when the words of the people of the language and interpreters in the meaning of torture and types, As it is expressed all what is aware of the man and his eyes and the origin of prevention and imprisonment, and comes sensual and no sense. In addition to the word "torment" in the Holy Quran, it has stood at the meaning of the denomination in the language and the term. Its purposes, which are surrounded by the name of the actor, Disrespectful, and unchangeable towards: the persistence, reality.The study of the torment of the torture (I do preference) in the torment of the lowest, and the greatest torment, increased to the source by the representative of (Saada, Nukra), has shown the number of words contained in the Qoran.The paper concluded with a conclusion and conclusions followed by a list of margins, sources and references, along with a summary in English.thanks God firstly and finally.