The allowance of the case in the Holy Quran


Replacing adverbs in an important subject in Arabic grammar، and this research deals with this subject in holy Koran . the research begins with an introduction، a forward for the numerous adverbs of on cuse، the disagreement between grammarians in defining it to prepare its study in holy Koran . the main subject of adverb replacement comes next . the research is then divided in to three demands، the first is matching adverb where we an lysedayat stating the places where such a case is found، the second demand is conclusive adverb and an lysedayat the ayat of such . And the third demand is the subject of more than one adverb and stated the ayat in a list in cluding these three kinds . Thus the research is made of an introduction، a forword three demands and conclusion and stated the most importtant results .