Terrorism and juvenile recruitment (Iraq model)


The pheomenon of recruitment events can not be rule by one reason there is different commean reasons to create it and to understand the conditions wich is push the events to act as deviant behavior aginst his society .The problem of search spin around about co-join event numbers increase in terrorist operations affect in society and security reality and facing this phenomenon.The importance of search :Subjaction the reasons of joining the events in terrest opreration for full-dress analysis and take consideration the sequences of social and economiset formaliz lineament of ther lives and political invearment and security wich sets terms responded.The search depend on social servey and means statistical and the servey the search represent the doucmantry info and servey study and data base field.the simple of research gander was (male events) they condemenation with crime and the servey place was (Bahgdad) Rehabilitation events saction and bahgdad obserational house The histry time servey was from (januery 2014 to july 2014)And the nombers of simpls events abaut (54 male event) .They search locate three characteristics of tirrest:1- use the vilance or use by threten.2-creating stste of panic and instability on socity .3- achive poltcal aimsConclusions of research :Must the events left ther school and they area were the live cauld be agood inverment of crime Useyle around they big citys or at villages so it became good casks for events to do crimes They precentage of events (as simple) they are preyer and this give you clear view that rielgen speech affect to publishing extremist idoolgy and same of those events family are condacet on terroist oprerations Recomdation of search:Crreation resarch center and study the intellectual breakthroughs and masuring the intellectual trends amoung young people and review mechanism (sunni and shiite moratorium) and review the educition polace and identfy educationl destination accuralely.