Contribution of social media in achieving security and stability / Iraq is a model


The digital information and communication technology has contributed to the communication between the peoples of different cultural orientations, surpassing the administrative, political and geographical boundaries and the cultural isolation that most human societies have lived in. The modern world is undergoing major changes in communication technology, and has greatly influenced the social, In thinking patterns in different societies,Digital social networks have played an active role in providing people with a lot of information, attitudes, attitudes and opinions, thus contributing to the formation of consciousness and preparing it to be more capable of influencing others and their appeal.The increase in the number of participants in these digital networks, especially the Iraqi youth, has increased their influence and role in society and the ongoing transformations, and increased their level of competition for traditional media in shaping public opinion on many political, economic and social issues. The world in a more effective manner so it must be taken care of for the purpose of benefiting from them and reduce the damage resulting from misuse.Our study examined the rate of use of social networks by the Iraqi individual, the extent of their impact on the security situation in Iraq and the level of competition of the social networks of the traditional media. In order to achieve the research objectives, the researchers resorted to the descriptive study, where the survey methodology and questionnaire were used to obtain research information. The study concluded several results, most notably the widespread use of social networks among young people, especially the student population, and that these networks have become a source of access to news and information that will influence the formation of public opinion,And competition for traditional media and electronic journalism. This has had a positive impact on promoting a culture of citizenship and plays a role in guiding and mobilizing the masses in terms of the security reality. The most important recommendations of the researchers are the need to promote and raise awareness among the general community, especially young people, about the role and impact of social networking sites in the development of their personalities and guidance for the optimal use of social networking sites, as well as the importance of social networks in the service directions Public opinion on various issues of interest to society and the need to analyze these trends about the nature of the various services provided by the police to the public.