Reasons for the crime of kidnapping people in Baghdad


s crime that affects the security of the citizen and deprives him of one of his basic rights, as he is subjected to the violation of his freedom and limitation and the threat of his life to annihilation, and this leads to negative effects that concern the social fabric. Social sciences have dealt with the study of this crime and analyzed its dimensions because of its transgression of society, which leads to more serious psychological and social repercussions. This crime has been responding to its development with the technological revolution witnessed by the world, while punitive patterns have failed to contain this qualitative criminal development, which has been creeping on The rights of individuals and their security and the interests of societies. The importance of the study is reflected in two axes: The first is related to the human aspect. It highlights one of the basic rights to the nature of human existence and the impact of transgression, which is an infringement on the social order. The researcher used the method of social survey and the sample size (24) respondents distributed between Rusafa and Karkh. The most prominent results are 1. Most cases of kidnapping are the result of tribal problems or family disputes and not a crime committed with material motives.2. High crime rates in the popular areas of the city.3. The presence of the relative of the abductor from the abductor (friend) or (relatives).4. The table of cases of kidnapping (2010-2015) for the governorates of Iraq indicates the high number of kidnappings in Baghdad.5. The high incidence of kidnappings and continuous rate in (Basra, Maysan, Kirkuk, Diyala).The main recommendations were:1- Activating the role of civil society organizations specialized in society and the family, because some cases of kidnapping are the result of problems of family disputes.2 - Attention to the popular areas and provide the best services to its inhabitants.3 - Awareness of the disadvantages of abuse of alcohol and its negative consequences on the family atmosphere.