Slums and Baghdad Security


The phenomenon of slum housing is one of the most important phenomena studied by social sciences in general and sociology in particular, because it poses a danger to societies and individuals. It works to cause socialphenomena that are perverted and dangerous. Economic as well as scientific efforts in human geography, architecture and urban planning. The researchers found that the effect of slum dwellings on the regions was uneven and varied from one region to another, as their impact is evident inthe popular areas and a few in the unpopular areas. The most respondents years and over) These categories originated in 31( from the age groups random dwellings, while the material level of the respondents was poor and most of the respondents and their families were engaged in free work.2003 Most of the respondents lived in a rental house before the events of in random and non-random areas. The researchers reached a number of recommendations, the most important of which was the activation of the intelligence role in these compounds, activating the role of civil society organizations specialized in community and family in the slums, paying .attention to slums and providing the best services to their residents


Slums, Security