Drug trade " Baghdad city as a model "


impact on the lives of citizens. It affects the fabric of society in various economic, social and security fields, which requires studying this phenomenon and studying it in theory and field.The study included two chapters, the first of which is three chpters. The first included the methodological framework of the study. It was known as the problem of the study and its questions about the drug trade, the objectives of the crime and the mechanisms of combating it.The second deals with the theoretical framework that includes the introduction and definition of narcotic drugs as well as the drug trade in medicine, society and law, and an overview of the sources and the most important characteristics of drug trafficking gangs, and their effects on individuals and society as well as their security risks.The third was titled Drug Trade / Figures and Indicators, and was divided into three axes, including statistics on Arab countries, statistics on drug crimes before 2003 and statistics after 2003.The second chapter presented the title of the presentation of the results and their interpretation, which was based on the answers of the respondents about the questions of the questionnaire containing nineteen paragraphs.The study came out with the most important results:• Most drug dealers are under 39 years of age (74%).• Most of the respondents are frcewouker (74%), most of whom are taxi drivers.• 80% of the respondents are Baghdad residents.• 71% of the respondents (trading in Kralstal), 23% (trading in drays maidium) and 6% (trading in hens).• Communicating with the source of drugs is through telephone (71%).The most important recommendations are:• Uniting efforts to combat the drug trade.• Determination of a material reward rate equal to a specified percentage of the estimated value of the narcotic seized and given to the laboratory, as well as another percentage of the control.• Support for border crossings and control devices Detective dogs to detect drugs.• Activating the security and intelligence effort in the areas mentioned in the research.• Activate the role of the media and the media and civil society organizations in immunizing citizens against the scourge of drugs