The Effect of changes in crude oil prices on the public budget in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the period (1990-2015)


The Saudi economy is suffering from the problem of changes in the prices of crude oil in the global oil market as the effects of these prices are reflected in the negative impact on the state budget. The research started from the hypothesis that (changes in crude oil prices lead to confusion of the state budget and economic plans). The research adopted the analytical descriptive approach and the quantitative approach to analyze the relationship between the changes in the prices of crude oil and the public budget in Saudi Arabia. The research concluded that there is a long and short term equilibrium relationship, And the surplus and deficit of the general budget, and The recommended that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to undertake economic reforms and diversify the sources of revenue, which contributes to mitigate the negative impact of changes in crude oil prices on its economy, and the need to pay attention to sovereign wealth funds to improve the level of fiscal discipline and improve the management of oil revenues in light of the accumulated financial surpluses in order to invest these revenues in neutralizing the effects of volatility and uncertainties on oil revenues to serve future generations and contribute to enhancing the element of sustainability in economic growth.


oil prices, Saudi