The causal relationship between monetary trading and GDP in Jordan for the period (2015-1980)


The problem of the study was to determine the existence and nature of the relationship between the GDP and the money supply in Jordan during the period (2015-1980), and aimed to use the Granger methodology to test the causal relationship, the test of co-integration, The results showed that there is a common integration between growth rates and GDP at a significant level (5%) according to (Eigen Value Test) value (0.4699), Both variables are unstable at the level but at the first difference, As well as a long-term equilibrium relationship between the two variables. The Granger's causality test also showed a causal relationship and one direction of the supply of money to GDP through the value of p-value (0.075). Thus, changes in the money supply help explain the changes in output The GDP is consistent with both Friedman's and the monetary theory.