The technical requirements of the shift towards electronic A diagnostic study to the opinions of a sample of administrative le management aders in the words of company communications in Kirkuk province


Find cares diagnosis of the technical requirements for the shift towards electronic management of employees in the words of company communications in the province of Kirkuk , in order to realize the extent of these workers to these requirements and their impact on the process of transformation of the traditional method of management style towards the goal of modern management and electronic. Was used form questionnaire prepared for this purpose, and distributed to the (40) members of the staff in the offices of Kalimat Telecom in the province of Kirkuk, and for the purpose of testing the hypotheses used statistical methods represented by the media arithmetic weighted, and desired weight, to see and diagnose the nature of the relationship between the variables of the research. Search resulted in a set of conclusions and recommendations which we hope to contribute to the provision of the bases, which is the starting point for a shift towards electronic management in business organizations of all kinds and competence.