Customer satisfaction in the framework of employees empowerment: comparative studyin many branches of AL-Rasheed and AL-Rafiden banks/Mosul


The research try to illustrate the roles of empowerment dimensions in enhancing customer satisfaction through two key hypothesis, the first focus on testing correlation relationship, while the second emphasis on examining the impact of all empowerment dimensions as independent variable in customer satisfaction as dependent variable. And two branch hypotheses focuses on testing the correlation and the impact between two variables of research, in this field, the researcher rely on the descriptive analysis manner depend on scientism sources, such as books and theses, it was designed an questioner for collecting data which relating to the study variables and analysis them.The research conclude that both banks apply empowerment strategy and use this strategy in enhancing most dimensions of customer satisfaction. According to conclusions the research recommend that both banks should empower employees and give them wide authority to be able to perform their jobs in order to undertake empowerment strategy and apply it in some of customer satisfaction dimensions especially for those dimensions whose not work well.