Use the Markov chains to evaluate and predict the Probabilistic Waiting Time for Asia Cell Customers Company for the period (1/9/2014 to 1/6/2015)


This study contains theoretical and practical analysis of customer waiting time forecasting for Asia Cell Communication company, using a statistical technique agrees with analysis of phenomenon, this study leads to markov chain matrix and its application ability to identify and forecasting for customer waiting time. Markov chain can be used to forecast of future state which depends on current state by using transition probability matrix from previous state to another period that helps to identify states of phenomenon, the advantage of markov chain technique is: it doesn’tdepend on happen of phenomenon factors to apply analyzing and forecasting in future states. The aim of the study is evaluate and forecasting of customer waiting time in the Asia Cell company from estimate probability change in current time and then forecast for it by probability change in next time. The result of the study is that the company must be improve their incoming call system to reduce customer waiting time in the future.


Markov Chain