Legislative authority of the executive branch and the possibility of its adoption in the 2005 Constitution of Iraq


This study present the matter of the delegation by the legislation authority Of some suretions and which granted by the constution for the executive authority through as the scholars called (legislation authrization) marringThe legislation mutual mission between both of legislation and executive Authority specially when all main organs in the state used to be seprat and each of them perform distinct function of powers :which save the legislativeAuthority important role to issuaree laws in considretion the malere of laws it’s the moin of legislative authority. But this facts have been changed because of rapidly development and other reasone refected on both organs(legislation and executive) now days the role slative authority seems to be dimishe and the increasing of the executive authority role to interfere and taking on its behalfe the legislative power as lorg as her role exrated in different filed to organize .all of that its because the excutive atilily finding quick some time to the excting problem for that the role of excutive beig complementtry to the legislation.