The indicators of imbalance in the titles of radio and television research and its comparison with the rest of the research media specialties A Comparative Evaluation Study of Letters and Notes of the College of Information, University of Baghdad, 1988 - 2018


Defect indications in the titles of research of radio and TV. Comparing with other specialties departments . " comparative evaluation study of theses and dissertations of faculty of information ( 1988 – 2018 ) " .The importance of media research will be subjected to several conditions , the most important is the title should be adhered to scientific conditions from one hand and including variables of the research and referring to accurate specialties and scopes of research . The researcher feels that titles of research of radio and TV. Do not meet the conditions of good research title .Accordingly the researcher chose (660) titles of theses and doctorate dissertations since 1988 till 2018 , which represented total research society since establishing of higher studies in 1988 till 4/01/2018 in which he accessed to faculty site .The researcher chose ( 257 ) titles according to selecting the size of the sample basing of exploratory study of the chosen research society . Also the researcher chose regulated random sample to provide opportunities to represent the variables in research society sample in suitable method with more accuracy . The researcher adopted analyzing of the content depending upon , categories and units agreed upon by experts .Also made initial analysis to ensure the existence of categories and its appearance in the sample in correct way by choosing intention sample.The researcher has adopted comparative method to identify the important differences between the defect in titles of researches of radio and TV. And other media specialties researches . The most important questions of the research as follow:-What is the size of correlation relations in radio and TV researches and comparing them with rest of information specializations?To what extend the accurate specialization referring to?The most important aims of the research as follow:-Identifying the correlation relation size in titles. Specifying the extent of the precise specialization existence in titles. Achieving these aims presenting importance of the research which is not studied previously and this is represented via studying correlation relations, the most important hypotheses referred to them as follow:-There is consistence between the precise specialization of information researches and the correlation relations. There is statistical significance between the precise specialization of information research and concepts of the studied researches. The researcher depended the comparative approach for its suitability with the research nature and achieving scientific comparison among the titles of radio and TV researches indexes and other specializations of information. The most important results which the researcher has reached that 78% of the research titles not included correlation relations that 60% of them miss the special scope and 15% are free from special scope and the radio and TV researches less using of research concepts.


Radio, television, bugs