News Trends on Women's Issues in the Independent Iraqi Press ((News in Al - Zaman newspaper)) model


After the US occupation to Iraq in 2003 in accordance with the new political philosophy to manage his rule in governing the country, They started their policy on calling for equality and freedom for all social groups in community through using the media of visual and audio-visual media and printed material. They tried to offer many issues for people in an attempt to establish their new values and concepts. One of the most important issues was the marginalization of women, which should be taken as an integral part of society's issues. So the they work to integrate women in all political, economic and social activities. The new philosophy emphasized the idea that the advancement of society will be achieved only through the participation of women and men in building the new life. The importance of this research stems from the focus on what Iraqi independent newspapers have addressed to the issues of women presented in Al-Zaman newspaper to show the trends of the news presented towards women right, especially after the American occupation after 9/4/2003. The problem statement of current research lies in the main question is whether the Iraqi newspapers have given an appropriate area of their concerns to the issues women rights in society While the main purpose of the study is to show the readers the importance of the press in raising women's issues and to investigate the ideology of Al-Zaman newspaper on dealing with the women's issues. The study employed the descriptive analysis (contextual Analysis) to investigate the meaning beyond written discourse of aforementioned newspaper. The study adopted a new sampling design to analyse the written Articles based on the comprehensive inventory method in the temporal boundaries of research from 41/1/2009 to 31/12/2009