Building an Integrated Strategic Planning System and Measure Its Impact in Strategic Performance Using Balance Scorecard Perspective ( Survey study of a sample of managers and supervisors opinions in South Oil Company


This study aims to build an integrated strategic planning system along with its applicability; which is represented by the followings: preparation for planning procedure, specifying strategic direction, Key Success Measures, Build and developing the strategy, current situation assessment, annual budget planning , implementation and reviewing and updating the annual strategy; And testing it on the strategical South Oil Company “SOC” performance, from balance scorecard perspective, which is represented in (financial, customer, internal procedure and education and development). In this study, the researcher accounts on the descriptive method. Thus, a Checklist was used in the )Pilot Study( to diagnose the research problem. Then, design a tested and precise questionnaire to be used as a tool to collect the scientific data from a sample of 182 personnel that are mainly from managers and supervisors in the SOC. Furthermore, the researcher also uses correlations testing on the proposal diagram, such correlation as regression analysis, used to test the direct impact among the study variables. and Pearson, used for specifying the correlation strength among variables. Also In this study, many results were found, and the most important result was that the possibility of applying a full integrated strategical planning system in SOC. In addition, the study found that there is a strong positive correlation among the independent perspective/dimension and the strategical performance using balance scorecard perspectives; moreover, the study involves important potential results that are essential for future studies.