3D Seismic Structural and Stratigraphy Study of Shuaiba Formation in Kumait Oil Field-Southern Iraq


The Kumait Oil field was interpreted using 3-D seismic data from Oil Exploration company. The Shuaiba Formation (Cretaceous Age) reflector is detected.Structural map of formation is prepared to obtain the location and direction of the sedimentary basin and shoreline. Depth maps was drawn depending on the structural interpretation of the picked reflector and show several structural feature as closures.The seismic interpretation of the area approves the presence of some stratigraphic features in the studied formation. Some distributary mound and flatspot were observed within the study area, but they are not continuous due to the tectonic effects. These activity elements give reasonable explanation for the hydrocarbon distribution in the area of study and explain the cause of wildcat of Kt-2 is well.