Comprehensive grammar in Arabic grammar


Center Revival of Arabian Science Heritage-University of BaghdadDr. Ghanim A. Sharhandrghanim@gmail.comComprehensive grammar in Arabic grammarConclusion:This research is about a third grammar school that appeared on the stage of Arabic grammatical history in Baghdad. It is the Baghdadi school. I talked about the first study about the origin of Baghdad city and how the studies originated in Baghdad and it was founded by the Islamic studies scholars and the books of literature, language and grammar in Baghdad. The doctrine of Baghdadi and how different scholars in that and the flags of the doctrine of Baghdadi, said the son of Kisan spoke about the origin and views of grammatical and spoke in the third section on the position of ancient and modern Baghdadiya school Vafzm denied the existence of the school and others proved existence. As for my opinion on this subject, the grammatical studies originated in Basra and then appeared in Kufa and the Baghdadi school took the grammar from the visual school and the kufiyya, and it is clear to us that there is no Baghdadi school in charge of it. The Whole