Constitutional Confrontation to Exploit Labor Influence


Legal legislation in various fields is concerned with confronting any phenomenon that leads to the emergence of corruption or related crimes. Therefore, the exploitation of influence is considered a corruption crime that may be committed by an employee or a public service officer or by any other person.In order to maintain justice in access to public services from different state institutions, we must eliminate any phenomenon that leads to a reduction in the services that the individual receives or may be difficult to obtain because of the exploitation of the influence of some persons in the various state institutions.It is necessary to combat the exploitation of influence, which leads to the loss of citizen confidence in the state and the prevalence of administrative and financial corruption.We will explaهىthe issue through the statement of its concept, and distinguish it from others, as well as the motives of committing it, as well as the provisions of its in terms of its pillars and effects and methods of treatment.