Outcome, Efficacy and Safety of Ureteroscopic Pneumatic Lithotripsy In Management of Lower and Mid Ureteric Calculi


OBJECTIVE: To determine the efficacy and safety of pneumatic lithotripsy in the treatment of mid and lower ureteric calculi.DESIGN: prospective study.DURATION: From 2014 to 2015SETTING: Department of Urology, AL-Diwaniya teaching Hospital.PATIENTS & METHODS:Over a period of one year,one hundred (100) patients of ureteric stones were treated with pneumatic lithoclast. Twenty five (25) Stones were located in mid ureter, Seventy five (75) stones were located in lower ureter . Success rate was defined as symptom free, no residual stones larger than 2mm. General anesthesia was given to all patients.RESULTS:Over all success rate was 90%. Success rate in middle and lower ureteric stones were 82%, 92% respectively. Completely fragmented stones cleared spontaneously within two weeks in 95% of cases and all patients were free of stones one month after the procedure. In six (6) patients stone was migrated, later on submitted for ESWL and successful. Complications were encountered in 11% of cases and were managed conservatively.Hospital stay was 24 to 48 hours.CONCLUSION:Pneumatic lithotripsy is reliable, highly effective rapid, safe and cost effective treatment modality for ureteric stones with negligible incidence of complications