Association between irritable bowel syndrome and cardiac rhythm abnormalities: a case control study


The issue of association between IBS and cardiac rhythm abnormalities has been raised in few published literature; however there is substantial amount of controversy in such a way that some authors deny this association while others support this association when one take into consideration particular symptoms and signs like severity of pain, pattern of sleep and associated anxiety and depression. The current study involved 50 patients diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and 50 apparently healthy control subjects and both groups was subjected to about 24 hour holter monitoring. The results showed significantly higher rate of cardiac premature ventricular complexes in patients with irritable bowel syndrome than that in control group 60% versus 32% (P<0.05)with no significant association with other rhythm abnormalities.Conclusion: Irritable bowel syndrome is significantly associated with premature ventricular complexes and further studies are needed to clarify exact pathophysiology.