Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Regarding Diabetic Mellitus among a Sample of Students at Technical Institute of Karbala


Background: Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a life‑threatening disease whose complications can cause heart attack or stroke, blindness, and kidneyfailure. Objective: The main objective of this study was to determine knowledge, attitude, and practices regarding DM among a sampleof students at the Technical Institute of Karbala. Materials and Methods: This cross‑sectional study was conducted in Al‑Furat A‑AwsatTechnical University, Technical Institute of Karbala, Iraq. A total of 856 students were included in this study. Data were collected by directinterview with students using a questionnaire form. Results: Total sample in this study was 856 students (52.3% male and 47.7% female),58 DM (Type II) patients were included in this study. The mean age of the study population was 20.86 ± 1.58 years (range of 17–25 years).The majority of students (48.8%) were in the age group of (≤20 years). The most of the respondents were single and lived in urban areas asrepresent 87.4% and 75.9%, respectively. Nearly 60% of cases had good and acceptable knowledge scores, while 50% had good and acceptablescores for attitude and practice regarding DM. Conclusion: The overall scores were good and acceptable regarding knowledge, attitude, andpractice. A better educational program on diabetes should be conducted to improve awareness, attitude, and practice toward DM using massmedia and health education in all Ministries.