The role of Dimensions Transformational leadership in strengthening Excellence performance Requirements Comparative Study of The Sample Opinions From Leaders Academic at The Universities of Tikrit and Kirkuk


This research is to determine the relationships and differences between the manufacturing of dimensions of Transformational leadership variable seeks a (idealized influence, motivation, Intellectual stimulation, Individualized consideration, and empowerment of employees), and variable excellence performance of its requirements, namely, (strategic planning, focusing on the customer, knowledge management, organizational culture, Operations Management) at the University of Tikrit and Kirkuk, the leader of the transformational element of the most influential and contribution, not only in building excellence performance and access to him, but in enhancing the performance and maintain it, so it sought the researchers in this study to answer a some of questions, including:1- Does the academic leaders in a sample search doth the importance that they have recipes available Transformational leader in order to promote excellence performance requirements?2-What the nature of the relationship between transformational leadership dimensions and requirements of excellence performance among a sample search? The research goal to make a comparison between the two universities to explore any of the variables and dimensions more effective in achieving excellence performance at the level of each university and is there a clear difference between the two, was a sample of assistants and department heads to choose the level of the universities of Tikrit and Kirkuk, as numbered ( 60) of Tikrit University and (43) of the University of Kirkuk. Find and adopted two main two assumptions: the existence of a relation between the moral and the impact of transformational leadership dimensions and excellence performance requirements of the relationship. The research hypotheses were tested using a some of statistical methods, it was reached a set of conclusions and recommendations which we hope will be useful in teaching our organizations, specifically for those that would like to live up in space science and knowledge, and seeking to scientific and intellectual sobriety.