Assessment of Placental Arterial Blood Flow in Pre-Eclampsia by Colour Doppler Sonography


AbstractBackground:Objective: Comparison of spiral artery blood flow velocity waveforms in normal pregnancies and pregnancies complicated by pregnancy induced hypertension and / or intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) to evaluate the diagnostic potential of colour / pulsed Doppler ultrasound for predicting adverse perinatal outcomes in complicated pregnancies.Methods: The study was conducted in Al-Yarmuk Teaching Hospital, Department of Radiology with the cooperation of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology for the period from 15th Dec.2000-28thNov.2001 .Two groups of pregnant ladies in their third trimester were dealt with:1-Twenty apparently healthy pregnant women. 2- Twenty pregnant women with severe pre-eclampsia. Their blood pressures were  160 /110. Their albuminurea, more than two pluses.Colour / Pulsed Doppler assessment of blood flow in the spiral arteries in the central and peripheral parts of the placental bed was compared for the two groups which were followed up until delivery , after which estimation of birth weight and placental weight were carried out and compared for the two groups. Results: Significant higher impedance to blood flow in the spiral arteries was found in women with pre-eclampsia compared with normotensive women.Conclusion: 1- Colour / Pulsed Doppler Ultrasound can detect failed physiological change of these vessels in pre-eclampsia.2. Higher Doppler indices found among women with pre-eclampsial IUGR and other related maternal complications. An abnormal spiral artery waveform is a strong predictor of adverse perinatal outcome.