The Impact of Creative Thinking Skills in Administrative Leadership style " Field research in the Medical City " *


Abstract This research aims at to identify the extent to which creative thinking skills Impact the change &development of Administrative Leadership styles In Administrative Leadership of the Medical City Department. Identify the nature of the relationship between them, determine the prevailing leadership style, &measure the level of creative thinking skills they have. In order to achieve the objectives of the research, the descriptive analytical method was adopted.The research tool consisted of a questionnaire consisting of (61) paragraphs, in addition to the interview & observation. The research sample consisted of (170) administrative leaders in the upper &middle organizational levels. The research attempted to answer the following questions: The nature of the relationship between creative thinking skills & Administrative leadership styles? Are they associated with a fundamental relationship? Do these skills have an impact on Administrative leadership styles in the sense that creative thinking skills are in favor of changing & developing Administrative leadership styles of the sample being investigated. The most significant results were: A positive &significant correlation between creative thinking skills & Administrative leadership styles. These skills are apparent (fluency, originality, flexibility, sensitivity to problems, Elaboration, & Maintaining Direction) in interaction With some of these styles higher than other styles, & the presence of these skills in Administrative leadership. The highest impact was achieved in the transformational leadership style & democratic leadership style.